Getting your location

The application determines your location using your browsers geolocation capabilities. To do this you need to grant permission in the pop when asked.

If you don't grant permission or your browser doesn't support geolocation the site falls back to using your IP address. This option may not be 100% accurate.

2km From Home doesn't store or save your location it is only used to place your pin on the map.

Moving pins

To move a pin, you can touch and drag the pin, or when using a mouse you can click and hold the pin while dragging the mouse.

Adding and removing pins

To add a pin, click on the Drop Pin icon to activate, the icon changes colour to show the Drop Pin is active. Click on the map to add the pin.

To remove a pin, click on the Drop Pin icon to activate, the icon changes colour. While Drop Pin is active click on any pin to remove it.

If Drop Pin is active, the icon changes colour, to deactivate Drop Pin click on the icon, the colour will change to its original state.

You cannot remove your own red pin.

Sharing your location

You can share your location with someone by clicking on the Share Location icon. Click on the Copy to clipboard button and you can then paste your location into your message.

When sharing your location be aware that it gives your exact location.

When the person with whom you shared the link opens it they will see their location in the red circle and your location in a blue circle.

Searching for a location

You can search for a location by typing in the address in Search Location.

Clicking on a result will add a pin to the map of that location.

Changing the Radius

You can change the radius of the circle by clicking the up and down arrows on the Change Radius section. You can enter a number in the box. The radius goes from 1KM to 400KM.

Linking to a Radius

You can provide a link to show the map with any radius by using or

Map not displaying on a Mac using Chrome

If the map doesn't load when using Chrome on a Mac check that Location Services are enabled and turned on for Chrome.

Open System Preferences -> Secuirty & Privacy -> Privacy Tab. Ensure that Location Services checkbox is checked and that the checkbox for Chrome is selected.